Welcome to the website of NOTA UK, the home of the None of the Above electoral reform campaign for the UK (est: 2010).

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1: Inclusion of NOTA on ballot papers is now official Green Party policy. See here.

2: A cross party alliance is reportedly in talks to form an electoral pact that would make securing long overdue electoral reform central to any future coalition agreement. See here.

THE CURRENT STATE OF PLAY: Towards the end of 2014, thanks to our lobbying, the parliamentary Political & Constitutional Reform Committee (PCRC) included NOTA as a proposed reform in a survey and public consultation on ‘voter engagement’. The huge show of public support for NOTA that this provoked compelled the PCRC to recommend in its final report (published 05/02/15) that the next government consult before May 2016 solely on inclusion of NOTA on ballot papers. This was a huge boost to our campaign as it was the first time that None of the Above had ever been acknowledged and officially endorsed as a possible electoral reform in and of itself. Read this blog post for more details.

The PCRC has now been unceremoniously scrapped by the incoming Conservative government… which is a scandal in itself. But we’re not about to let that stop us. Its NOTA recommendation, amongst many others in the report, was an official, logically sound, evidence based one that transformed NOTA from a misunderstood, fringe idea into a mainstream, seriously proposed solution to the problems of our failing democracy.

On the back of this development, NOTA UK founder Jamie Stanley was invited on to RT’s ‘Going Underground’ on 16/02/15 to talk about NOTA at length. Watch the full interview here:

He was invited back on the same show again on 15/06/15 to talk about the 2015 UK general election result:

He was also invited on to RT’s live 9pm news bulletin on 11/03/15 to talk about apparent youth disillusionment with politics:

He appeared again on RT’s live 7pm news bulletin on 16/04/15 to talk about supposed voter ‘apathy’ (apologies for sound issues!):

No amount of wielding of unchecked executive power and scrapping of vital select committees can wish away the progress that NOTA UK and other groups campaigning for electoral reform have made – so we crack on.

The fight for actual democracy continues… GET INVOLVED!

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We’re making good progress, slowly but surely. If you’ve already helped us spread the word, thank you for your ongoing support. If not, please have a look around the site and consider doing so.

Onwards & Upwards!
We are NOT The NOTA Party (aka: Notavote) who were initially planning to stand candidates in 2015 on a supposedly NOTA platform. Their party name was eventually rejected by the Electoral Commission for potentially confusing voters into thinking they would be able to vote for a bona fide NOTA option already, when clearly they would just be voting for another ‘one of the above’. Nor are we subsequent offshoot ‘The Above & Beyond Party’ who also supposedly stood on a single issue NOTA platform, despite clearly having policy ideas ‘above & beyond’ the single issue of NOTA.

Although we understand people’s impatience and appreciate their efforts to draw attention to the need for NOTA, we feel strongly that standing NOTA candidates at an election is a distracting contradiction in terms that leaves our wider, long term, non-partisan campaign vulnerable to being discredited in the eyes of the general public by the many enemies of reform.

We do not think it is necessary to take such risks, given that we have already made significant inroads, something that we can only build on in the future.

On 5th December 2013, former Newsnight anchor Jeremy Paxman publicly called for a None Of The Above option on primetime national television.

NOTA UK founder Jamie Stanley was interviewed by Eddie Mair on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme on 7th November 2013.

That year we also attended the annual Electoral Reform Society dinner and confirmed support for our campaign from some very senior Lib Dems and many ERS members. It was also useful, but disheartening, to discover that the ERS leadership fundamentally misunderstands NOTA and stubbornly refuses to support it, based on this misunderstanding. A point by point critique of their reasoning can be found here: https://nota-uk.org/2014/08/30/nota-uks-policy-proposal-to-be-debated-by-ers-at-their-agm/