Know your NOTA campaigns!!!

Due to perceived schisms, the campaign to get an official None Of The Above option on the UK ballot paper is often mocked for its apparent similarity to the ‘People’s Front of Judea’ from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’…

Fortunately, amusing as it is to think of it that way, this is far from accurate.

That joke was aimed at the political ‘left’ in general who are notorious for fighting amongst themselves whilst supposedly fighting for the same things.

But that’s really not what is happening with the NOTA movement.

What we have is this:

1: A grass roots campaign group focused on making the solid case for NOTA with a view to mobilising massive public support for it and eventually getting it on the ballot paper as an inevitable government concession (that’s us, NOTA UK est. 2010)

2: An ambitious political party attempting to get itself elected on a NOTA platform (Notavote – a potentially distracting contradiction in terms, in our view) and a second allegedly far right group trying to hijack the NOTA campaign as a way of furthering its insipid aims via this facebook group: “NONE OF THE ABOVE CAMPAIGN (VOTING)”

That’s not like-minded people fighting amongst themselves. That’s a group of people who understand and are actively campaigning for an achievable goal and two groups claiming an association with that goal to further their own agendas, some well meaning, others not so much.

There is a difference.

There is only one bonafide NOTA campaign – and it is this one. Tell your friends!

* – humorous aside


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