How to support NOTA by proxy at this years Electoral Reform Society AGM

NOTA UK ( ) has tabled a policy motion for consideration at this year’s AGM of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS).

The motion tabled is: “The ERS should actively advocate the inclusion of a ‘None of the Above’ option that will require a new election to be called if more than 50% of ballots cast choose that option.”

If we act together we have a real chance of persuading the ERS to start officially campaigning for a ‘None of the Above’ option with teeth on UK ballot papers. NOTA is something that is long overdue in the UK and essential in any true democracy.

The ERS is the most influential electoral reform advocacy group in the UK and having them adopt NOTA will boost our cause substantially. At last year’s AGM the total number of votes per motion tabled was around 250 each. Our facebook group alone has the ability to get the motion carried if we act now and get our postal/proxy votes in on time.

Your postal/proxy vote needs to reach the Electoral Reform society by 10am on 11th September 2014. So there is still enough time to make a substantial impact if we act quickly!

All you need to do to vote is to join the ERS for as little as £1. Go to this link to join:…

The AGM booklet and proxy/postal voting form will be sent to you, it is also available for download from our facebook group via this link:

Be sure to send the completed form to: Electoral Reform Services, FREEPOST ND6352, London N1 1BR, to arrive no later than 10.00 am on Thursday 11 September 2014.

Jamie Stanley and Alexander Scott will be attending the meeting on behalf of NOTA UK so you can nominate either of us to be your proxy voter on the form. Alternatively leave that part of the form blank if you trust the chair of the meeting to act on your behalf.

Nothing will change in UK politics until it is possible to withhold consent in a meaningful, registered way. This is an excellent opportunity for all those who understand this truth to have their voices heard.

Please take a few minutes of your day to help can get this motion carried and push forward our campaign to get the democratic pre-requisite of NOTA on the UK ballot paper. Many thanks in advance.


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