Open Letter to Terry Marsh

Dear Terry,

NOTA UK’s efforts of the past four years are now seeing significant progress:

NOTA UK secures inclusion of ‘None of the Above’ in public consultation on possible reform

With that in mind, it would be really helpful if you could please try and persuade Notavote / The NOTA Party to stop presenting themselves as the official NOTA campaign, start supporting us fully and send people our way from now on. They are a contradictory political party, nothing more, one that is not even able to stand candidates as things currently stand. By contrast, as well as the undeniable progress towards our goal that we have made, NOTA UK now has growing credibility and provides access to NOTA based educational materials.

All of this is being undermined massively by the fact that people all too often, including media people, come looking for us and find Notavote instead. The result is that they end up diverted away from our well thought through, well presented, solid arguments for actual NOTA and towards the aspirations of a well meaning but delusional splinter group. They then dismiss the movement accordingly. This has to end.

We are closer than ever before to getting the absence of NOTA, the need for it and why it is achievable embedded in the mainstream public consciousness. But it’s never going to happen all the while we are pulling in different directions.

We know what we are doing. This was very much your baby in the beginning, please consider getting involved and doing what needs to be done to help us achieve our common goal. The time is now for Notavote to step aside and get properly behind our campaign. If they did, we’d all be on our way.

Thanks for reading.

Yours sincerely,
Jamie Stanley


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