Support the campaign for REAL democracy!

NOTA UK is a volunteer run non-profit electoral reform campaign that gets to the heart of what is and isn’t democracy.

In 2019 – surely an election year? – we would dearly love to up the ante by:

1: Challenging all major UK political parties to respond to our recent definitive white paper and set out their position on inclusion of NOTA in ballot papers.

2: Obtaining definitive legal advice on the question of whether the ability to withhold consent and reject all candidates at elections in a formal and binding manner is a human right and therefore also a democratic pre-requisite.

3: Placing NOTA adverts in major publications and relevant websites in the run up to any upcoming elections.

4: Upgrading our website.

5: Applying for proper funding.

All these things cost time and/or money. If you support our efforts, please consider making a one off or regular donation via paypal.

Click here or hit the paypal button at the top right of the site to donate.

Thanks in advance. Onwards!


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